Leadership and Management for SRL Managers

Leadership and Management for SRL Managers

Recorded On: 04/28/2018

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The Presenter


Derek Davies
The Francis Crick Institute, United Kingdom

Session Summary

Core facilities, or shared resource laboratories (SRLs), can grow from a simple start. It may just be one person looking after one to two pieces of equipment, training users, and developing the core. But as an SRL grows, there is a need to recruit staff. Choosing the correct people for the job is a skill that we are not taught and it often relies on the intuition of the hiring manager. Once in place, an SRL manager will have responsibility for the development of that staff member which will include competency training, responsibility for provision of personal development as well as performing one or more specific functions within the laboratory. Often new managers arrive with staff already in place who may be used to different management styles and have varying expectations, skill sets, and needs.

All these situations require leadership and management knowledge. Many of us who run SRLs have no formal training in aspects such as how well the SRL is viewed by management or the institute; the staff's perspective on the structure of the lab; a clear pathway for the lab (introduction of new technology, increased user-base, and increased profile through the local to the international levels); and space for personal development. There is also the issue of dealing with the management structure above the SRL. 

Managers and staff will have expectations. There is not a "one size fits all" solution. Nor is that solution the same depending on institutional setting (e.g., university vs. research institute vs. contract research lab vs. biotech). Using anecdotal evidence gathered over 20 years of managing a flow cytometry facility, this presentation will cover the important points that must be considered to successfully manage and lead a facility as well as being able to liaise with upper management. At the end of the session, attendees should have a greater appreciation of the range of skills needed to lead a successful SRL.

CMLE Credit: 1.5


Leadership and Management for SRL Managers
Recorded 04/28/2018
Recorded 04/28/2018 A CYTO 2018 Scientific Tutorial by Derek Davies
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11 Questions CMLE Evaluation Form
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1.50 CMLE credits  |  Certificate available