High-Speed Cell Sorter Biosafety and Containment Testing

High-Speed Cell Sorter Biosafety and Containment Testing

Recorded On: 12/17/2019

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About the Presenter


Geoffrey Lyon, MPH
Yale Flow Cytometry Facility Manager/BSL-3 Sort Operator
Yale University

Geoffrey Lyon is a Flow Cytometry Facility manager/BSL-3 Sort operator at Yale University. One of his most prominent career achievements is discovering cell sorter AMS filter failures. He is a member of the ISAC Biosafety Committee, a former ABSA International Course presenter, a Yale BSL-3 Subcommittee member, and a BSL-3 Certified Researcher and Trainer.

Webinar Summary

This webinar explores the various biosafety aspects of high-speed cell sorting. The emphasis of this presentation is the evolution and development of aerosol containment testing including the new ISAC standard that uses a novel impactor and microspheres to test containment. This new assay can be utilized to test sorters housed inside or outside of a biosafety cabinet.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine the hazards and risks associated with cell sorting along with a detailed explanation of the latest containment testing method.
  • Describe how to implement the new testing method into existing safety protocols to ensure cells sorters have adequate aerosol containment.    

Who Should Attend

Anyone who uses high-speed cell sorters, sort operators, health and safety professionals, or anyone interested in biosafety.


High-Speed Cell Sorter Biosafety and Containment Testing
Recorded 12/17/2019
Recorded 12/17/2019 A CYTO U Webinar presented by Geoffrey Lyon, MPH
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Open to download resource.
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