Current Standards in Flow Cytometry Cell Sorter Biosafety

Current Standards in Flow Cytometry Cell Sorter Biosafety

Recorded On: 06/22/2019

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The Presenters

Geoffrey Lyon
Yale University School of Medicine

Steve Perfetto
NIAID, National Institute of Health

Evan Jellison
UCONN Health

Session Summary

This tutorial will provide a summary of biosafety principles as they apply to flow cytometry and cell sorting, including a comprehensive review of an improved bead-based containment assay presented in paper “Novel Impactor and Microsphere-Based Assay Used to Measure Containment of Aerosols Generated in a Flow Cytometer Cell Sorter” (Perfetto. S., Cytometry A 2019; 95A: 173-182). This tutorial will also provide an expert forum highlighting specific scenarios that operators or core facility managers encounter. After this tutorial, the attendee should have a clearer understanding of the principles and practices of biosafety as they pertain to flow cytometry, in particular cell sorting. Additionally, the attendees will have an understanding of how to properly conduct this new bead-based assay to validate the containment of cell sorters.

CMLE Credit: 1.5


Current Standards in Flow Cytometry Cell Sorter Biosafety
Recorded 06/22/2019
Recorded 06/22/2019 A CYTO 2019 Scientific Tutorial Presented by Geoffrey Lyon, Steve Perfetto, & Evan Jellison
CMLE Evaluation Form
11 Questions
11 Questions CMLE Evaluation Form
Completion Credit
1.50 CMLE credits  |  Certificate available
1.50 CMLE credits  |  Certificate available